Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Kinabukasan

1953 - 2003

FFF - A Golden Journey
At the heart of this country lies the farmer humble despite his vital national role. yet firm in his social task. Quietly, he toils every day for the country. and for many years, he kept his silence, his voice hidden in the cracks of the soil he plows.

The success of the Federation of Free Farmers (FFF) lies in motivating the farmer to liberate himself from the chains of justice. Fifty golden years into its history, the FFF one of the country's largest peasant organization, has given the Filipino peasantry hope in uplifting the depressed conditions in the countryside.

The FFF is anchored on the principle that the farmer is the backbone of the nation; his work on the land is central to the economy. Despite their huge contribution to the country, however, farmers often fall prey to abuse landlords and traders. Thus, the FFF promotes the philosophy of total human development by helping the farmers acquire the legal help, political strength, economic power and religious convition that would help bring about their freedom bondage and servility.

FFF Member

Saturnino Distor

"Yung ideology pala natin na dito ko lang nalaman, yung LOVE, TRUTH and JUSTICE. Yun talaga ang tema ng organization e. Bakit ka nag-join ng FFF? Gusto ko kasi yung katotohanan, pagmamahalan, at hustisya. So kung nasa iyo yung tatlo na iyon... Malawak na ang ibig sabihin noon... Almost complete na. Biro mo sa isang organizatiob, bakit ka nandadaya, e di walang hustiya. Yung dinaya mo, ibig sabihin noo, wala ka ring pagmamahal doon. At syempre dinadaya mo, walang katotohanan yung sinasabi mo palagi. Kaya yung LOVE, TRUTH and JUSTICE na pinagtutuunan natin, na pinagsesentrohan natin, nandun na yun talaga. Saan naman galing yun? Kung meron kang pag-ibig, nasa iyo ang Panginoon. Hindi ba sa Panginoon din yung LOVE, TRUTH and JUSTICE?"

FFF Member

Leonilo Binalangbang

"Ang nakikita ko, ang FFF ay dumedepensa sa mga kapus-palad. So parang doon ako nakumbinse. Yung para sa masa kasi. Palibhasa, Born mahirap tayo. Yung Ideology ng FFF maliwanag. Hindi katulad ng ibang samahan sa seasonal. Samahan lang sila pag may problema. Samahan lang sila pag may ipinaglalaban. Pero FFF sa tignin ko, nung umpisa pa lang e, nakumbinse kaagad ako na ito'y pang habang buhay. Hindi lang siya pana-panahon. Ang isa pang nakakumbinse sa akin, e yung walang itinatanggi. Kahit na sabihing ikaw ay mahirap, basta nandoon ka sa hanay ng peasant group, welcome ka doon sa FFF. Basta hindi lang siya nag-exploit ng kapwa.


Pivotal Junctions in the History of the Federation of Free Farmers

The journey of the FFF is made golden by leaps and milestone, ordeals and sacrifices, and an evolving ideology set against a shifting national milieu. Amid all these changes, the FFF stands unwavering in its adherence to the original principle and values it was founded on - self-development through empowerment and a strong commitment to truth, love, and justice. With 50 Golden Years into its history, the FFF celebrates the vital crossroads that have marked its growth as a movement.

Year 1953

Leaps and Milestones

Jerimias Montemayor establishes the Federation of Free Farmers in San Fernando Pampangga to provide a radical but peaceful alternative to semifeudal conditions in the countryside. The FFF issues its manifesto, which calls upon the Pilipino peasantry to unite and fight for genuine liberation and development.

53-56 FFF chapters are organized in 28 out 53 provinces, with a total membership of 40,000.

Ordeals and Sacrifices

One of the first cases of Jerry Montemayor as a new lawyer is a tenancy case involving his own mother and her tenants in his hometown in Bisocol, Alaminos, Pangasian. The founder ends up defending the tenants against his own mother.

Ideological Stance

The first leaders of the FFF are imbued with the Christian principles of service to the farmers and dedication to a noble cause. They endeavor to offer a Christian alternative of thoroughgoing but non-violent reform.

National Milieu

Early 50's. Agrarian unrest grips the rural areas, especially in Central Luzon. Soon, however, President Ramon Magsaysay wil break the back of the HUK rebellion with a combination of military and socio-civic initiatives and reforms.

Year 1954

Leaps and Milestones

FFF works out the resettlement of 2,500 landless families through the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration and the Land Tenure Administrative FFF contributes to and supports the enactment of the Agricultural Tenancy Act (Republic Act No. 1199). The law, among others, strengthens the security of tenure of tenant-farmers and institutes a 70-30 sharing scheme in their favor.

Ordeals and Sacrifices

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